I'm moving!! I'm shifting the format and location of my photoblog.
Since I can't post everyday I'll give weekly updates, hopefully always on Sunday nights.
This blog will stick around but there will be no more updates...so come on over to edfotography!! (http://edfotography.blogspot.com/)

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Introducing......my beautiful new camera - Canon's 40D. I absolutely love it. Stay tuned for the 40D in action!!

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Day 365.

I did it! A picture a day for an entire year! I've had an amazing year photographing everything and everyone around me.
Thanks to all of you who check in regularly and for your encouraging comments. I'm still deciding on the format for the coming year...
considering a move to a weekly highlight blog but I'll have to think it over a little more.

To celebrate the completion of the blog, Jake & I decided that a new camera was in order, which is just awesome.
I'll post a pic of the beauty tomorrow when I'm not so sleepy.

Thanks again for supporting me and my hobby!


Day 364.

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Day 363.
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Day 362.
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Day 361.
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Day 360.
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Day 359.
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Day 358.
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